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The primary mission of Kiútprogram is to facilitate social mobility and integration of the Roma. The objective of Kiútprogram is to enable people living in deep poverty – primarily the Roma – to become self-employed by providing them with social support, financial services and information; and as a result, help them improve their social status and make a living for themselves and their families. The most important specific goal of our operation is to see our clients establish sustainable businesses that connect into the regular flow of local economy. The most important tool of our financial services is issuing group-based, unsecured microloans.

During the pilot phase - the first two years of the programme – relatively few participants were targeted. Should the project, prove to be successful, the administrators of the programme do not believe that itwill give answers to all problems related to structural deep poverty, or that it will offer solution to all families living in deep poverty; it is only one of the numerous options providing supportandfacilitating advancement.

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